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How crochet is becoming a major fashion statement in the Industry?

Hello crochet lovers,

I am sure you love crochet- I mean, isn't it the reason that you are here?

Moreso, I guess You want to get into the details.

Like those blogs that talk about How to fall in love? Why do we fall in love? Why I love my partner so much? and so on...

You must be here to know why you love handmade crochet products so much?

Well, You are not alone.

I love crochet products too. I mean my mom is a great crocheter. I call her a crochet addict.

I love it for so many reasons, we will talk about it some other day.

Today, I am curious why and how it has become a fashion statement in the industry.

The Beginning

Just like we got some good classic books originated from Europe, the word "Crochet" is originated from the French word "hook".

How cool!

Before all of this fancy bohemian affair with crochet outfits, crochet was mainly a part of the home where granny on her crackling chair used to make endless loops. In those times products like blankets, afghan or drink coasters, curtains, pillow covers, table cloths, and more so were the major crochet signatures.

Coming to talk about the relationship between fashion and crochet.

There is an old saying that "Classic fashion comes without an expiry date"

Crochet seems to have fit into the parameters of this statement so perfectly. From placemat to spring outfit, crochet aces the look without losing its charm and elegance.

Crochet has gained good exposure on the runways, season after season everybody has seen an intricate design introduced by one designer or the other.

It's like tasting a new dish for the first time and by the time you decide if you like it or not you see others around you head over heels about the same dish.

Since 'show and tease' has shown a rise through runway fashion shows and magazines- laces, nets, sheer material has been in demand by the public- however, what seemed to have kept convincing the consumer is the crochet and its ultimate novelty experience.

Even though there has been machine made crochet to serve the purpose-- yet since 2016, there has been a huge demand for handmade crochet in the consumer market.


Crochet can be done in different sizes and shapes. Some can be in the form of a wheel or a star that has different colors in it. This can be done at home by following a stitching book to see how it is done.

Another pattern could be done in the shape of an animal like a cat or a bird that will also take some time to develop it before being able to see the actual picture. Others can be done in argyle, Afghans, daisy, and flowers which are good for any occasion. There are even designs that feature the spirit of Christmas which allows the person to wear this all year round.

During the summer, crochet patterns can also be used at the beach in two-piece swimsuits (Which is a must to get your hands on). Most designs are in plain colors but for the person to be flashy, adding 2 or 3 colors brings the right spice (you see! there is always a room for some fancy customization).

"Ultimately you can wear what defines you better."

Stitches can be done in single and in double making it thicker which is good for people who live in cold climates. This allows people to use it as scarves, capes, and coats that make it look great with anything the person has in the closet.

Time to break some mythical rules-

There is a widespread rumor that crochet patterns are only for women but have you seen harry styles in his new watermelon sugar music video?

If not, then probably you must be from the same rumor believer club.

Dude, crochet is for men too. It's time to change the club. (wink)


Something which is concerning -- while crochet enjoys its growing popularity and increased demand, the manufacturers opt for machine-made crochet to fulfill the requirement of production quantities, lead time reduction, design consistency in every piece.

However, keeping India’s traditional craft of crochet alive, many crochet product manufacturers (Like Shree's Crochet) and exporters are producing hand-crafted products, bringing in innovation and creativity, facilitating the growing trend in the industry.

What are you waiting for?

Go Shop!

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