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How to keep Handmade Crochet Apparel Long Lasting?


Please do not use Bleach. It will fade the color and diminish the overall polished look.
Please do not use Iron. 
To make sure the iron-wired loops remain rust-free, DO NOT keep the product in damp or wet places.

Wash: Normal Handwash/machine wash
Fit : Customizable
Occasion: Casual/ Party
Material: Cotton Yarn/ Wool

Note: Colors can be customized as per the requirement.

Halter Neck Top

    • Keeping in mind the ongoing trends and fashion industry mains, this cute little pastel green crocheted halter top is a must-have for every Instagram-inspired fashion diva.
    • The color palette is good-to-go with every minimalistic fashion trend. The usage of black beads at the top and the bottom of the tussle adds volume to the item.
    • The top comes with an intricate flower pattern in the front. It eliminates the usage of bickering jewelry around the neck.
    • The clothing item has been specifically designed to cover the area near the bust to keep it comfy and easy to carry. Also, the piece comes with stitched cotton pads underneath for maximum support around the bosom. 

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